Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Being in a car accident is not something anyone ever wants to experience. It is especially difficult when injuries are involved. Many people do not know what to expect after the accident occurs. They are unfamiliar with insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, and having to deal with the police or paramedics. They are also unsure of how to communicate with other people who may have been involved in the accident. These are a few steps people should take directly after a car accident happens.


Documentation can be in written form or in picture form. Write everything down that can describe the scene of the accident. This includes the types of cars, tag numbers, conditions of the people involved, damage done to vehicles, the location of the accident, and any other details. If a smartphone or camera is available, documenting much of this information in picture form is even better.

Police Report

Any time an accident occurs, a police report should be filed. It is often not available right away but the officer at the scene will give people information on how to go about obtaining the report at a later time. This report shows how the police viewed the accident scene. This is important information for the insurance company.

Seek an Attorney

An attorney is a good resource to have for protection of rights. They will ensure the insurance companies treat the situation correctly. They will also ensure the victim gets any compensation they deserve if applicable.

Follow Up on Injuries

If a person is injured in the accident, this needs to be treated right away. Paramedics can help with this at the scene but also follow up with a medical doctor should be done. All of this should be documented in the case it is needed at a later time by the attorney.

File Insurance Claim

A claim should be filed with your insurance company. To file the claim, the police report and any medical reports will be needed.

After all of this has been done, a person can begin to get past the accident actually occurring. Sometimes, the pain or memories linger on and it is more difficult. Having the support of family and friends is critical during this time. If a person does not have this, they can also seek comforting from a counselor.